La bio

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The creator

Kenza is the product’s designer based in France.

Her work is strongly influenced by Design, Architecture and Graphism. She is issue of the fashion world with a passion for leather goods . Also, her sensitivity has brought her to work with these noble materials in a technical and innovative manner. She manages, however, to keep the practical side of the products she imagines. In 2016 Kenza set up her brand Numero K. The concept N°K offers high end bags which are easy to use and carry, practical to carry our everyday objects, without forgetting to adapt our bag according to our mood and look.


Attention to detail is a must at Numero k, as is the functionality of each of the creations. This is why the bags are easy to carry and transform on a daily basis. They will quickly become a staple of your wardrobe.


As their name suggests, the bags to compose are customizable. You can select the different interchangeable elements that make it up and make it unique, to your taste.

Ready to use bags, accessories and other decorative items complete the collection.

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Environmentally friendly


Because more and more of us want to limit overconsumption, Numero k leather bags are modular. By changing the interior pocket, the bag changes its look. Numero k also wants to find an alternative to waste and overproduction. This is why, for the sake of recovery, while playing with creativity, the scrap materials used to make the bags are recycled into different accessories.

LEATHER : the selected leathers come from supplies in small quantities, which allows collections in limited series. The leather squares from the openwork of the bags are sewn onto the bags, tote bags and cushions. Even small scraps of leather are collected and used on different products.

TYVEK® : Tyvek® is a 100% recyclable nonwoven.

ORGANIC CORK : It comes from the bark of European cork oaks, no trees are felled. The bark is harvested every 9 years, by hand. It does not contain solvents or heavy metals.

Numero k hopes, in its own way, to contribute to the health of the planet and also hopes to provide satisfaction to its most demanding customers.