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The creator

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Kenza DISDIER is the Designer and founder of the high-end and responsible brand Numero K. After ten years working in Paris as a stylist, she returned to Lyon and founded her brand Numero K in 2018. Her work is strongly influenced by Architecture, Design and Graphic Design. Rounds, squares, Kenza draws them all the time, since her adolescence. They can be found on all her designs. And as she likes contrasts, she plays with noble materials, such as leather or wool sheet, and an innovative material, Tyvek; she mixes rounds and squares, numbers and letters. Her concept: customizable and modular bags and accessories combining recycled materials.



Numero K is like an urban poetry that combines originality and functionality while respecting the environment.

Modular or removable, our bags meet your needs. They can be worn in different ways thanks to their removable straps or their integrated wrist.

And to change your look without completely changing your bag, the inside pockets of some openwork models are interchangeable. From plain to patterned, the choice is yours!

All the scraps of our materials are reused in our accessories and small leather goods. Zero Waste, what does that mean to you? We talk to you more about it in our section OUR VALUES.



Numero K has voluntarily worked with local partners for the manufacturing of its leather goods. The workshops we work with are renowned for their high quality know-how. We want to promote local craftsmanship and thus guarantee the quality of our models, which are made in limited series. By proposing quality products we offer you a Sustainable Fashion



Giving a second life to the leathers coming from the end of stocks or dormant stocks of the big French tanneries, and thus limiting overproduction, is essential for us. Each skin is meticulously selected by us.



Our first ambition is to aim for zero waste. All leather and material scraps or supplies from our production are stored to be reused in other models of small leather goods, accessories and decorative objects, valuing recycling from the top. What an excellent creative challenge for Numero K, to think of models according to the material scraps. By giving them a second life, we revalue these materials and at the same time limit waste thanks to this circular economy.



Numero K manufactures 100% of its models in France for two essential reasons.


The proximity and the human relationship: to be in direct and regular contact with our manufacturers and to benefit from their know-how. All of our models are made in the Rhône-Alpes region, thus promoting local craftsmanship and workshops on a human scale. Exchanging and interacting quickly on the production; this is possible thanks to our local partners. This human relationship, woven through our collaborations, is important for Numero K: learning from others, exchanging on our common passions... it is a richness that feeds our creativity.


The short circuit, a limited carbon footprint. By being close to our partners, suppliers and manufacturers, we limit our environmental impact. Choosing our intermediaries and offering a fair price: We have chosen to have very few Numero K retailers. We select our partner boutiques for their common sensitivity to Numero K, but above all we like to be in direct contact with you, and once again put forward the human relationship, telling you about our universe, listening to your desires and needs. This is made possible by the sales we make on different ephemeral stores and on our website where you can exchange with us via the contact box. Numero K offers you a fair price all year long. Translated with (free version)

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