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Cowhide Leather


- Each skin is carefully selected to guarantee the quality of our products. Our suppliers are in the Rhône-Alpes region.

Do you know it ? 

- Leather is one of the first upcycled materials in the world: prehistoric men used the skins of the animals they fed on to protect themselves from the cold.

- we only use leather from the food industry: at Numero K we do not use any exotic leather and mainly cowhide.

Leather care :

Leather is a natural material, small imperfections are quite normal and do not alter its quality. On the contrary, it is a proof of authenticity! Leather develops a patina over time. Each skin is unique. It is recommended to protect your bags before the first use, using a colorless waterproofing agent. Keep your bags away from sources of heat and humidity. Avoid prolonged contact with water, sun, cosmetics and grease. Avoid rubbing with raw fabric to prevent color transfer.

Marine Leather


- the fish skins are from the food industry, coming from the Rhône-Alpes region, no breeding for the skin, no endangered species.

- Tanning in compliance with the EURO REACH standard (guaranteeing the absence of harmful, toxic or polluting elements in the processes), favoring vegetable tannins.

Did you know? 

- Marine leather is among the most resistant and finest in the world, it has a very high natural resistance.

- For Numero K, it's first of all an aesthetic coup de coeur! The Ictyyos Tannery has given salmon skins a high quality facelift, with incredibly subtle and contemporary colors. The human aspect at the heart of our business: Numero K was won over by a talented team that is equally attentive and attentive to its partners.


- Salmon leather is very resistant, but like everything we love, it must be taken care of. Keep your bags away from all sources of heat and humidity. Avoid prolonged contact with water, sun, cosmetics and grease. Clean with a slightly dampened cloth. Do not wash.



- Our supplier is based in Europe. It is our material of choice! We will list all its characteristics but first we will talk about its aesthetics:

Tyvek® looks just like paper. It is ultra thin, ultra light and flexible, it crumples easily, and yet...

- It is a 100% recyclable polyethylene, it is water repellent, very resistant to humidity and abrasion. It is extremely resistant to tearing. Our Tyvek® Tote bags can hold bottles or cans or many other products without tearing.

- It is made with low additives and no plasticizers listed in RoHs or REACH guidelines.

Did you know?

Tyvek® is used in various fields: in chemical laboratories, it is used to make protective suits for researchers (anti-mildew, anti-fire, anti-bacterial...). In Japan, it is used in the insulation of houses. In museums, Tyvek® is used to protect works of art...

Maintenance :

- Keep it away from any source of heat, so as not to alter the color. It does not fear the rain, on the contrary it will protect your things. But the waterproof ink used for the patterns does not like aqueous solutions and perfume. We recommend that you apply perfume before wearing a Tyvek® product and wait a few minutes before using it. Tyvek® can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Some models like the scarf or the Tote bag N°8 can be cleaned in a basin of cold water with a little soap. Do not rub. Machine washing (in hot water) is forbidden. Do not iron.

Natural Materials

LIÈGE BIOLOGIQUE : comme le cuir, le liège est une matière naturelle, récoltée à partir d'écorces de chênes liège européen. Aucun arbre n'est abattu. L'écorce est récoltée à la main, tous les neuf ans.

Il ne contient ni métaux lourds ni solvants. Nettoyage possible à l'aide d'un chiffon humide.


DRAP DE LAINE : le drap de laine utilisé chez Numero K est acheté en France. Il est 100% Laine Vierge pour les coloris Gris et Marine ; Laine-Polyester pour le coloris Noir.

Le Tissage très dense du Drap de Laine nous permet de l'utiliser pour réaliser nos cabas et coussins. Il est résistant, ne peluche pas et ne craint pas la pluie.

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