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Tyvek® - An Innovative Material


Tyvek® is a non-woven material with multiple characteristics that Numero K enjoys working with in all its products.

Its aesthetic resembles paper. It is ultra thin, light, flexible and easily wrinkled, offers many advantages.


Tyvek® is a 100% recyclable polyethylene, manufactured with low additives and without plasticizers listed in the RoHs or REACH directives.

It is water repellent, highly resistant to moisture and abrasion, and extremely tear resistant.

We source this material from a supplier in nearby Europe.

Mode écoresponsable Tyvek matière innovante et recyclable

It is used in various fields:

1. In chemical laboratories, for protective suits (anti-mildew, anti-fire, anti-bacterial properties).
2. In museums, protection for works of art.
3. In Japan, a traditional insulation for houses.

matières 100% recyclables Numero K ecoresponsable

At Numero K, Tyvek® has a completely different use. Its paper-like appearance and resistance to both moisture and friction has allowed us to take a conceptual approach to creating our products. Our Scarves, for example, offer lightness and comfort while protecting you from the wind, and if you take it off, nothing could be easier than to slip it into its specially designed cover.

Tyvek® also inspired our famous Tote bag N°8, whether it is to accompany you during your shopping at the market or to throw away the few bottles emptied the day before (we won't give the number, we promise), you can be sure that its resistance won't disappoint you. Its graphics, with the hand-drawn patterns by Kenza, will know how to pack you. A design that is omnipresent in the daily life of the designer who since she was a little girl has dedicated a cult to her circular and square shapes that she draws everywhere. This obsession can be found in the Numero K DNA.

So let's try the Tyvek® from Numero K? Discover our iconic Tyvek® Tote Bag N°8, and many others here


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